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Sometimes, when people hear the word: skincare, they immediately think about vanity. But this mindset couldn't be more away from reality. The skin is the largest organ in our body, so taking care of it seems just like the right thing to do in order to keep it healthy.

A skincare routine is the combination of simple but effective treatments to maintain its beauty and youth. It can be before or after makeup, the main goal is to keep the skin hydrated, protected and nurtured.

Every step in a skincare routine has an effect, what you basically look for, while stablishing one, is to:

Clean: remove all the impurity from makeup, sweat, pollution and unclog your pores.

Hydrate: nurture the skin with serums and creams to promote the natural production of collagen and elastin to maintain its firmness, softness and elasticity.

Protect: create a barrier against contamination, sun radiation and free radicals to keep the skin young and shiny. Antioxidants like Vitamin C will be your best allies.

You can also stablish an exfoliation routine, but these ones should be only once a week to avoid creating irritations, dryness or sensibility in your skin.


The skin is our first receptor with the exterior, so it is logical why this organ is the first one affected by environmental problems. By stablishing a disciplined skincare routine you will not only keep your skin young, soft and elastic, you will also reduce fatigue and its main sign: baggy eyes. You will also, prevent skin conditions like acne and increase your self-esteem.

But there's more, our physical condition and our mental state will also affect our skin. That's why keeping healthy habits like: drinking water, doing exercise and reading will not only improve the functioning of the inner organs but also the skin.


In the morning, before applying your makeup, the ideal scenario is to clean, hydrate and provide the skin with every protection necessary to keep it safe from the elements and contaminants. Even if you use 100% natural cosmetics, before bed you should clean every trace of makeup and other impurities and nurture the skin with organic products.

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Keeping this routines will allow your skin to stay healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. Try these routines once and you won't be able to stop caring of yourself.