5 interesting facts about volcanos

We all have been intrigued by volcanos at least once in our lives for their potential to shape entire pieces of land, sink and renew islands and ultimately, their incredibly destructive power. You probably had to make one for the science class out of paper mache, so you should definitely know them. 

These magnificent structures can take thousand of years to finally expose their power through incandescent magma, ashes and gases, but when they do, the fireworks really spark. Catch these 5 interesting facts about volcanos you probably didn't know.

They can grow

Although you may think volcanos are static mountains, they can actually grow. Magma and ashes can accumulate forming layers and making them bigger and bigger with time.

The biggest eruption in the history

Indonesia is the area with the highest amount of active volcanos in the world and, precisely there, in an island called Sumbawa, took place the biggest eruption in history in 1815, where at least 100.000 people died.

Mauna Loa is the champion of volcanos

With 13000 feet above the sea level, the Mauna Loa is the biggest Volcano in the entire world. It is located in Hawaii, a volcanic group of islands well known for their intense volcanic activity. 

Around 1400 are active now

According to the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program, there are 1356 active volcanos at this very day, although only 866 eruptions throughout history have been confirmed.

Volcanos can die

They can grow, but also die. When they expulse all the magma, ashes and gases they can in their lifetime they are considered extinct. This  is different from latent volcanos, which are basically in sleep mode and can wake up at anytime.