We live in a world where team work is highly praised and rewarded. Certainly, being able to work as a group with a common objective will not only help us achieve our goals quickly, but effectively. In a choir, for example, the attention and effort of every member is needed for the sake of the performance.

However, what about the recently trend of labelling society as a whole? There is nothing more dangerous than removing individuality from every person, since this is the quality that makes us unique. What would be left, if society becomes a unimind, where every single aspect of our lives has to be shared with others.

It is not coincidence that this trend of demonizing individuality is gaining strength these times, where privacy and certain basic rights are being completely invaded by technology. It is precisely the tech giants the ones trying to gain more access to us in order to achieve an easily malleable society. They are basically working on installing a technocratic state, not so different from those in your favorite dystopic books.

Distractions are the order of the day

For most people it is very difficult to be aware of the dangerous changes that are, slowly but surely, taking place worldwide, because of a feeling of progress. The new technologies make them feel comfortable, entertained and thinking positively about a brighter future to come. But whenever you present to them the risk factors of some of these advances you get immediately cancelled or called lunatic/conspiranoic.

These happens, in part, thanks to the "toxic" label that was introduced some years ago in our culture. Any person who points out the risk or downside of something is considered a "negative person" or just a "toxic" and has to be left alone immediately. This label created a division between those considering all the implications of every single change being implemented in society and the ones that faithfully believe governments and big tech companies are putting people's interests first.

Not even realities like the chinese, where the Party is in control of every aspect of their citizens lives by the means of technology, make them think about the imminent changes heading towards the west. It is precisely the chinese model the one every single government in the world has apparently adopted as their utopic scenario.

Climate change and health factors

It is astonishing how climate change and health factors are being used as an excuse to remove the capacity of each person to think individually. Some of the social movements promote the power of choice and how anybody shouldn't tell people what to think or do about their conscience, body, etc. Yet, so many of these same groups get easily into the "don't think by yourself" wagon promoted by the elites.

Right now the favorite means for them to promote the "unimind" culture are climate change and the public health narratives. These are perfectly suitable to the agenda since it puts "common good" in the first place. If you decide by yourself and your decision "puts in danger" the "common good" or our "common home" then you can be easily neutralized and labelled as an extremist.

Social media has been very helpful in this regard. Twitter mobs have proven the "power of people" to be judge, jury and executioner of anyone that has a personal conception about any topic and, minorities, seem to have the preference in terms of opinion. Whoever thinks differently about social minorities can and will, most likely, be destroyed.


Although some people thinks the only possible solution is chaos, the actual answer would be to normalize God's gift, something that have accompanied us for thousands of years: individuality and freedom of choice/thinking. 

Whenever a big activist circle blames people on "climate change", the reality is that all those who control earth resources: big tech companies, corporations and think tanks, are the true responsible. Ironically, these resource holders are also the ones pulling the strings of the accuser activist circles in the first place, designed to blame every supposed crisis on the common people, on the ones without resources.

Disconnecting from the common mindset seems to be one of the best choices to make these days. Since the world is moving with the stream of media and, this stream only benefits the ones in power, it is safe to believe that trusting the "official" sources of information are no longer the most intelligent think to do.

Having conscience of our individuality has become more than just a right but a duty, specially if we have people on our charge. People, whom may be the target of a non precedential campaign of indoctrination where the falsely so called "science" has all the truths and those who question it are negationist and extremists.